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Monday, July 5, 2010

ब्लॉग पर नया क्या है ? (Whats new on the blog )

ऑडियो गीत 

            Album: " नौर्ते घटेली " - दिनांक 21, जुलाई 2010 |यहाँ देखें|

            Album: "  ज्वारक बौज " - दिनांक 21, जुलाई 2010 |यहाँ देखें|

            Album: " औनी कर जवारे मां " - दिनांक 21, जुलाई 2010 |यहाँ देखें|
            Album: " चे च्यवा " - दिनांक 21, जुलाई 2010 |यहाँ देखें|
            Album: " रंगीलो ज्वर मां " - दिनांक 5, जुलाई 2010 |यहाँ देखें|
            Album: " धारे मां " - दिनांक 4 , जुलाई 2010 |यहाँ देखें|
            Album: " धरोहर " - दिनांक 4, जुलाई 2010 |यहाँ देखें|
            Album: " जोहार की परमपरागत होली " - दिनांक 24, दिसंबर 2010 |यहाँ देखें|
            Album: " द ग्रेट शौका " - दिनांक 26, जनवरी 2011 |यहाँ देखें|

वीडियो गीत : 

            Album: " डाली को गुलाब " - दिनांक 21, जनवरी 2013 |यहाँ देखें|

            Album: " चाँद तारो महा " - दिनांक 21, जनवरी 2013 |यहाँ देखें|

             Album: " झम्म लागी छे " - दिनांक 23, फरवरी 2012 |यहाँ देखें|

             Album: " राम्पाट " - दिनांक 05, अगस्त 2011 |यहाँ देखें|

             Album: " अल्ले अल्ले कां गये तू " - दिनांक 24, सितंबर 2010 |यहाँ देखें|

            Album: " रंगीलो ज्वर मां " - दिनांक 21, जुलाई 2010 |यहाँ देखें|

सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम :

             Occasion: " होली पूजा " - दिनांक 11, नवम्बर  2010 |यहाँ देखें|

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome Post : Introduction

Hello fellow shaukas and shaukyanis
I was encouraged to start this blog when I saw my chacha ji, shri N.S. Tolia, devoting his time towards his community. His main vision has always been focused on preservation and unity our culture. I, of all, have grown up seeing him achieve some of the goals he made and achieved and he plans to keep it that way for a very long future as well. His passion is in folk and cultural activities and he always tries to be as involved as possible.
This blog is another extension of his vision which is also shared by many of our shauka seniors as well who have devoted their precious time into organizing cultural functions and encouraging young shaukas and shaukyanis to take active participation in them. Kudos and a tonne of respect to all of you out there.
This blog "The Shauka Culture", link : http://shaukaculture.blogspot.com, will be starting off with the upload of the audio and videos of our culture. I hope you like it. Do comment and follow if you like it.
Hitendra Tolia

Disclaimer : This is my private blog and is not associated with any organisation